17th March 2020

That whole dilemma already started that day.

I have to honestly say - everything went great! T S 3 V O I C E has broken more and more user records with its level of awareness and we were extremely proud of that.

On March 16/17, 2020 we cracked the 256 users and were already "full house" at that point. On March 4th, 2020 we reached around ~ 220 users.

What exactly am I trying to say? To put it simply: We were pretty well known in the TeamSpeak public scene, and that in an extremely short timeline. We registered around 45,000 users in our database that day. Other servers without promoting (methods) might have reached this figure after a few years with a mediocre community. We had an advantage that 98% of all other TeamSpeak servers never had - we have several server entries in the integrated TeamSpeak server list. Many users of us have accordingly used this server list to find our server for the first time. On the server list, we had the chance to position ourselves so high in the list that we couldn't be missed.

What happened that day We had a lot of haters, copycats and “hackers” - and with hackers, I'm clearly talking about DDoS 'attackers (read from § 303b computer sabotage in the StGB). The DDoS attacker had or still has an extreme hatred against us. And in order to have to vent his hatred on us, he changed his routine to the following: destroy TS3Voice at all costs! It's hard to imagine ... That a loner can take around 6 to 10 hours a day to constantly launch DDoS attacks at exactly the right moment. But it actually happened that way; the so-called DDoS attacker refused to rest. He didn't want to talk to me (as an admin) or take up other communications - he's trying to hide his identity and destroy his traces at all costs. Personally, I have some assumptions or almost allegations about few people whom I can see as "perpetrators" - but the evidence is constantly mixed up; but not impossible.

Since that day, TS3Voice has in-officially disappeared from the scene without a trace.


Honestly, it didn't matter what we tried anymore. We wanted to set everything up, rearrange a lot, but we couldn't guarantee ourselves a 20-minute silence before a DDoS attack. During the day we had virtually no chance to do anything (for example) on the server list.

We constantly had new servers & firewalls, mitigation and co. Configurations - And unfortunately we had to find out that a lot of things were of no use.

The DDoS attacker never missed a day.

Without the Server List

Something like that ...

around April, May and June ... especially July - we would have about an uptime of 5 to 10 percent online time on the server list. Basically, that's nothing - at least we can't do anything with such low values, and neither can the users.

When we were already at the end of the world and had to suffer from tougher attacks from day to day - we liked to try, always up to date.

Hope makes no sense

To put it in a nutshell: We didn't feel like this pointless kindergarten dilemma anymore. Just because one person here had an endless problem doesn't mean that we (as administrators) have to rack our brains every night.

And possibly due to lack of motivation due to lack of time - it is almost impossible to continue to operate this TeamSpeak server.

We'll probably disappear from the TeamSpeak public scene for quite a long time at this point. Not completely "disappear", more in the background.

Personal message to FS (or DDoS attacker):

Congratulations, you did it! To be honest, I don't really know what illness you suffer from - but let's be honest, for someone who spends several hours a day in front of the computer and has to perform such actions - you have already proven that you lead an extremely miserable life. If you are a frustrated failure, then in the end you have no reason at all to vent your frustration on strangers (including their projects). You are trying to burn your tracks completely, but in the past 6 months you have a lot behind you. I have already forwarded all your data to the responsible police authorities and an investigation will be underway against you as soon as possible.

But I'll tell you: you could have just spent the time sensibly.

I wish you all the best! You little piece of failure.

And I wish you all a pleasant time!